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Monday, March 9, 2009

A troubled Eye

the day I wrote last post I was already not in a good form and another thing that kept me occupied the whole day was one of the murphy’s law..”Things tend to go from bad to worse”.... There was some intuition that things are surely gonna be worse for the day and one ahead but I did not knew how.
I went outside the campus in the evening to finish some work and while coming back something crept into one of my visual organ. I was alone so in an attempt to remove it I kept rubbing it...until I reached hostel. A friend helped me doing it but it was already in sort of injury. And there I was with the most boring way to enjoy a weekend. I was supposed to close my eyes and give them rest as much as I can....I have to do that with both, because eyes are the twin ones and don’t do anything alone....and without them if I was unable to study the course then it might have been alright, but I was not supposed to complete my second reading of English Teacher also.. :( . What else could be done, no movies even.!!!
Every time I am the one whos scolding people around for not taking care of their health, bt this time everyone else got a chance, as if taking a revenge. I was one of the quiz cordinators to be held on saturday, but then with eyes closed the only thing I could do was to give suggestions on what to ask where, thanks to the partner she managed everything quite smartly.
After sleeping for 14-15 hours my patience ended. Friends tried giving me company, and not to let me bore.. I am not at ease for asking people favours...it makes me uncomfortable if I bother someone for quite long.. and that was the yesterday eve... so at around 7:30 to make myself relax, went to the roof..in a bit of sad tone.
But moon made me smile as I climbed. It was not full, may be in a day or so. But it filled everything with its light, as if giving a positive feel to everything. I decided to lay down. I think nature is the best thing that was ever made by God, better the human even, we are good for nothing just spoiling all the beauty. The breeze seemed to be very special, as if taking away all my worries, confusions and dilemmas. Now as I am writing this I still have to hold my eye and bear with the itching patiently...but then I could not keep myself away from scribbling here anymore.


Sid said...

A line I wrote years back: "I don't know whether man is the best creation of God or not but God, for sure, is the best creation of man".

Your observation on man vs. nature reminded that. Anyways, get well soon and scribble more :)

PritS said...

Get well soon... :D

And tab tak thoda thand do apni aankho ko... :D

CY|\|O$|_|RE said...

get well soon...!!!

aur kya haal hain ab ankhon ke?????....tc

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