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Monday, March 16, 2009

Life: As I see it

1)struggle for existence
2)few moments with smile on face and shine in eyes, followed by a lot full of straight face and watery eyes
3)every moment trying to make optimism to overcome the pessimist within
4)a fight with the own self.
5)chasing dreams; mind it not pursuing...times running fast.
6)disappointing those who love you & care for you; and then getting disappointed on this.
7)failed attempt to make others happy.
8)feeling short of word when you have a pile within.
9)a feel to scream out in the ears of those who are not trying to listen to u, pretending as deaf.
10)ending up as a good listener, when wanting to speak out.
11)trying different ways to fill void space inside.
12)trying to make the temper a bit longer as it is too short.
13)wishing to be a kid again, although i have still parts of it within.
14)admiring some criticising others.
15)hating to get identically distributed as all but loving to be independent random variable.
16)being selfish
17)as I thought few people are always gud to us, I was wrong(in reference to previous post)

1)its too random and I myself is not sure what form of writing was that
2)i'll keep adding what I feel to this list
3)feel free to add ur perceptions


poonam said...

its nt a comment..........its a mere advice..try not to stress urself much.........every person is a better judge of him/herself........so watever decision u had taken.......dats perfect for u............n dats d only thing dat matters

CY|\|O$|_|RE said...

dnt get stressed up........everything will be fine now.......

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