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Friday, August 26, 2011

new paintings

He is a dreamer, loves to imagine and then brings his fancies to the canvas. Have you ever watched him making one...

..starts with a blank canvas but filled mind. Mind filled with thoughts with which he wants to change the way this canvas in front of him looks. In a short while there are random lines-the light ones, which don't make sense to observer like me. At times he erases a few and redraws them. You are clueless about what may appear. Then there appear some prominent lines which define the picture. Slowly you start seeing the theme. You are amazed by his imagination.. awestruck by the creativity.

He has started filling the colors. Some are already there. You enjoy guessing the remaining.. imagining. It becomes your pastime, wondering which part of the palette will the brush touch. You are desperately waiting for the picture to be complete except for the fear of any color being spilled and making a blot. There could be few small unwanted drops here and there but they complete the picture. Not everything is perfect.

Right now I am imagining.. and enjoying :) 
Sure enough these are not those glass paintings, feeble enough to break by wind strokes. Wishing to withstand all storms, with actual bonds.. bonds of love :)


Meghana said...

bonds of love.. liked it :)

Akanksha said...

It's always a treat to read you on such thoughtful notes....

Anonymous said...

Well said...one just gets amazed watching these artist make something.
Starting from nothing but a blank paper and slowly but surely converting it into a masterpiece.

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