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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Life As I Know It

There is only one you. But you are associated with many people. As a matter of fact there are many different worlds around. Mingled worlds which cannot be separated. Family, relatives, friends at social networks, actual friends, blogger friends, people associated at work place..and so on.

There are few who were very important part of the past; past which we cherish. But now they are only a bit better than acquaintances. There was a time we used to be so alike ..manners, dressings.. thoughts. But once the paths change it is no more the same. Sometimes I get a feeling that I am lagging behind ..sort of backward ..not up to date with all the stuff around ..could be brands, trends or relations. May be they were too fast or I was too slow. But one thing I am sure about is I was not stagnant. I have also moved though in different direction. How could someone running in another direction visualize my track ..my goals. They think I have not moved on. Probably now I appear dull and boring to them, have wasted my life; just because I am not so happening. Even in the present there are many to whom I appear so.

But now at this point of my life do such people and their valuable opinions about me, matters? No, it doesn’t. May be I am wrong, but I am content and happy with what road I am on. There are too many things in this life to be concerned about. How can I afford to devote my attention towards the road which could probably make me appear interesting to some. By any chance I don’t mean or intend to sound proud and self admiring. It is just that I don’t have regrets for how I am now and how I wish to fit myself in future. In fact I am and will be always thankful to HIM.. there is so much more light right in here.. in my dull and so called boring world ;) Though things are not perfect (they are never with anyone), but it is very much like I could have wished for.

PS: Watched Life As We Know It over the weekend. Enjoyed :)


Akanksha said...

You're absolutely right. Especially, the last paragraph is very appealing.
Wish you continue to lead a life which you wish for.....

Meghana said...

I too agree with Akanksha. In fact there is a world of yours; which truly belongs to you, only you. Others could only imagine about it. The path you are on; is specially made for you. There could be people around who think in opposite direction, but there are few who are truly happy and proud for the path you have chosen for yourself. Wish you find all the happiness and joy in this journey!! Cheers :)

Haddock said...

Its not a question of being proud. I think every human being wants to be projected as a good person in front of others.

Richa said...

If the 'other crowd' who took the different path
fails to understand/appreciate the other less
traveled road they are enjoying false paradise of
being 'happ' and 'grown up' :P :P ....

This is what I mutter when confronted with similar situations :) !!

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