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Friday, July 22, 2011

randomly correlated

>That being up there, why didn’t HE provide us a REWIND and a REDO button. At least to EDIT those scenes, which were entirely avoidable and as a matter of fact unnecessary.

>I still love to think of algorithms. I hope the choice to do research isn’t endangered by this interest.

>I have too many complains about too many people. Is mummy right when she says life will be too difficult with that attitude.

>Some people are not as dumb and ignorant as I thought them to be.

>Writing always helps :)


Meera said...

100% agree with u about 'REWIND and a REDO button'...

swati said...

Nice way to express the cyclone of thougths in mind...:)

mythalez said...

writing indeed helps! :)

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