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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Experiences are too many though finite. Even my complaints aren't too many. I am almost happy with almost all the things around. But there are few things which if worked on, could bring a significant change in the scenario. 
For instance it is possible to appoint people who have better understanding of obvious things.. who can think and act a bit faster ..who are ready to listen patiently and understand the situation when students come in with their queries ..who know how to coordinate between two departments. (sometimes the students are treated like a ball between two departments, none ready to take responsibility, which results in lot of time wasted at students end, going from one to another) ..who are willing to be aware of what is happening outside their cabin ..who can speak the common languages comfortably (English at least). I accept we are in a state university. But if one is looking so much forward to address audience across the globe, then they should have facilities to deal with the crowd which doesn't belong to their own state. Few things which really upset me at times are like the circulars uploaded on the web are in local language. How do you expect someone not belonging to the place will be able to understand them. More in this list are officials who simply invest hours shouting on their fancy phones.. who are found listening to songs on their office machine (on speakers) and still claim the last 2 months were too hectic.. its endless...

I have no offences against any person/language/university/department. These are some general comments as an outcome of my experience of 4 years which witnessed many incidences.. though the central character was not always me. Many of these incidences would be interesting to listen (as a story). But at the same time some turn out to be so complicated that even the mentors are unable to hold on with their patience to listen till the end. 

I am very sure that no place is perfect. But at the same time there is a lot of room for improvement. Because if perfection is attained only for t reaching infinity, then for any time point t, it is always possible to achieve a better state of work at time point t+1 (if it isn't of oscillating nature :P)

Each experience makes us learn new things about the working of this place. What these incidences have in common is the following... an initial angry/frustrated/amazed reaction (depending on the person's temperament), followed by rectification process and finally the "OMG they are great" feel with which we narrate such incidences to friends and family. Sometimes what follows is a blogpost ;) :P


Akanksha said...

yeah... you are absolutely right. But sometimes it gives a feeling that we are the ones who are troublesome and demanding....

Madhuri Kulkarni said...

"if it isn't of oscillating nature :P)"
which is many times!
Warning msg: Itana mat socho deep! Research ke liye hanikarak hai!!

deep said...

@ Akanksha: Pardon me.. but the instances which led to this post don't even once allow me to feel that we were demanding.

@Madhuri Kulkarni: I agree with you.. but these are issues which don't let us concentrate.. eat up our time and peace :(

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