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Friday, July 1, 2011

mistakes :P

Sometimes it feels great to accept the mistakes which we committed in our past. In fact it makes you feel lighter, by accepting the limitations of those moments and more importantly, accepting yourself as you used to be.  We keep on trying to correct the errors and after a long time into that correction process we realize that we have not only wasted lot of time but also created a brand new worse kind of mess. Best solution is to register those mistakes in your brain cells and promise yourself that you won’t repeat them.

So don’t keep on looking at the past and cursing the person that was you. Just forgive yourself and :)

PS: Don’t interpret anything serious from this note. It was just the feel I got when I tried correcting an old and badly formatted word document which was full of mathematical equations. Wish I knew Latex then ;) :P


Richa said...

Humorous twist... liked it :)

deep said...

:) thank you !!

amit said...


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