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Friday, July 8, 2011


Suppose you have a friend, very close to you, but far away in terms of distance. You have his number; and then you are also in his friend list in one of those fancy social networks around, say FB. You are in nice talking terms, have phone calls in a month or so, frequently message, etc. Suddenly one day you miss him.. miss him a lot. What will you do.. post on his wall, that you miss him or message on his cell phone. For me such sites can never give that personal touch to feelings which we seek for. I can never get a cozy feel after seeing something over my  wall. I have always felt it only as a medium to communicate and not to express. 

PS: No offences for anyone and I already beg pardon if I have hurt anyone with such remarks.


Madhuri Kulkarni said...

Agreed completely!!

Sid said...

I also find FB etc kinda superficial. So when it used to happen to me, i gave them a mental hug, talked to them, or wrote something for them in my diary, perhaps never to be shared with them...
Now, I don't have such dilemma... no friends to miss :(

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