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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

spirits at a night

i am not unaware of the stillness around me. it has always been there in some or the other form. despite of this stillness, my spirits are lively today. may be not yet out of the happy and gay mood of evening. but they haven't got a creature to accompany their silent sounds; except for this fan with its hoarse voice still evenly uttered words. as i am unable to entertain them any more, they are leaving for their celestial home, with a promise to come back riding on the sun's next ray. they need to fly, so they have left their heaviness on my visuals.

they are away now, and what is left behind is a dead corpse with some unfinished talks and some unturned pages beside it.

PS: its a white noise series generated after the merriment of annual gathering and while giving company to someone who was getting bored.. you may guess the extent of irritation one could be in after reading this .. would have been better without my help na.. :|


CY|\|O$|_|RE said...

nice composition............achcha likha hai............

@nks said...

"despite of this stillness, my spirits are lively today....
may be not yet out of the mood of happy and .... gay !!"

- excerpts from the white noise

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