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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I am loving it...

...its so much fun to have internal exam and the night before it.. :D :P had one after some 10 months.. yes it is the case when you have lost all opportunity to any such thing, and you miss.. Last night was all giggly, they were amazed why I look so happy..
...one could never understand unless has traveled through the phases.. :O

Life could not be better with so many things around. I don't mean to say, that anything or anyone has changed around; but surely the perspective is changed. Amidst the busy hours, confusing equations, guffaws on walk, there still creep some lone moments, still things are watery at times.. but they all complete me.. :)

Never knew that game called life would be so much fun..

silly of me.. took so much time realize this simple thing.

PS.1). I know there is no point in writing so much random, title-less stuff here; thanks for bearing :P

PS.2). Time to look forward at next problem ...don't worry, I'm talking about research problem.. :D

PS>3). Something more than average.. do have a look http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULRosL7AOpk


Meera said...

yeah that's true u cant understand such a thing until and unless u passed those phrases!!:)

Swaram said...

I like reading random posts :)
Nw that they r long gone, I think internals were fun too :P Gud luck :)

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