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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

..make me lazier

..you came along and changed everything.

you lift my feet to the ground,
you spin me around,
you make me crazier crazier...

you stuck my feet to the ground,
you make me unable to move,
you make me lazier lazier...

This is what goes in my minds when ever I listen to this beautiful song from Taylor Swift.

And as if laziness is directly proportional to weight, to complement this insanely edited song, what I dreamt today morning was even funnier. Can't recall the exact situation, but it was something like: I am checking my weight and to whichever weighing machine I am going I find the figure ranging in the interval ( 70,120), where the actual interval is (45,50). And the most amazing part is that every time I am checking I get to see a new quantity on the screen. Though looking at me one (even myself) couldn't actually find any difference. So the obvious reaction is something has happened to the working of all the machines. But when it worked normally for all other beings around, then I was forced to believe drastic and fluctuating increase in weight. Though I am curious about what actually happened next, but have no clues :O

Dreams apart, getting back to reality..

Yes lately I am feeling I have been getting lazier and lazier. Since this has been happening for few months and getting lazier looks like a process to me which is still in some progress (can't say negative or positive), so can't say when it started. Now saying started doesn't mean I wasn't lazy before (but u may call that as Lazy-1 and stage now as Lazy-2). So this Lazy-1 comprised of things like asking roomy to pass water-bottle, unwillingness to move and pick something from one end of bed when i am at the other end of it (to be noted mine is a usual single-bed), etc. it isn't hard to guess what other activities supported this Lazy-1 attitude.
But I always used to be active for activities like... :O activities in which I am lazy in Lazy -2. I am surprised that I have been avoiding trips, dinners, shopping sessions, outings, and any such fun stuff. I know here I sound totally non-human, but.. :(

I don't know whether it is laziness or reluctance due to Piled Higher and Deeper ( PHD) things to do. Whatever it be, I have already started working on it by wasting less time here and there on trivial stuff; so that i can't complain of shortage of time for studies. Although I am not at all typical-intellectual-studious kind of person, but this Lazy-2 behavior gives people around a feel as if I am that. Its just that shifting from M.Sc. to Ph.D. requires a bit of increased regular work... to which I am not used to :(
I am not very happy about the fact, but its time I should accept that I haven't still been able to get into a regular schedule. Hope I'll do it before it is not too late.

anyways..I have already wasted lot of time now..so getting back to work. :)


CY|\|O$|_|RE said...

ummmm.....laziness is sometimes necessary to get relaxed sometimes....but nt always gud......waise main tujhse bada aalsi baitha hi hua hun.....lolzzz

BTW...all d bst for Ph.D......aal iizz welll.....

Meghana said...

never mind Deep.. there r some ppl lazier than u..
for example,look @ me. it took me these many days to just comment on ur post..ha ha ha..

Nachiket said...

me 2!!im postin now...haha..

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