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Sunday, September 20, 2009

paper is more patient than people

In spite of the length of my to do list (which includes tasks from my research guide who keeps on increasing the length whenevr I see him.. and the project head who is adding to it, with latest one to make a annual report of project which I have joined just 50 days ago...) I have been reading lately Anne Frank's The Diary of a young Girl (title of this post comes from it). I personally feel that actually no one on earth has got patience for listening to someone when shes speaking out all her heart. Atleast when its a chatter box like me. Theres lot more freedom to write on paper. Freedom to say anything. But then why I found blogging as better option than writing on diary? May be after 4-5 failed attempts to start writing regularly I have lost all interest to try it once again.
And then when I write its me all alone. But this way I virtually feel that I am sorrounded by people.

To my irritation I have not been able to finish these 427 pages. Its almost a month since I started. Theres lot to do, and another reason to hurry is my plans for vacation in the next month.

Yesterday night while going through I liked these lines from the book,
"You can be lonely even when you're loved by many people, since you're still not anybody's 'one and only '",
and somehow I agreed.


CY|\|O$|_|RE said...

yaa...sometimes paper is the only place where we can openly express ourselves and still it never complains to us.....much better option than human beings...:)

and don't stop chatting ever...that's the only way everyone likes u...

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