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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Why is it so that, everything is alright but still something in everything is stuck?

Why I am clueless about how 24 hrs go away, despite of the fact that neither I am sleeping much nor I am procastinating work?

Why the air in the room is bit weird and uncomfortable?

Why sometimes we are not able to handle even the formatting of simple forms on IE, and waste almost 2 hrs on that?

Why don't people keep their words instead of having an excuse ready everytime?

Why do they think that to fool someone is that easy?

Why does it always have to rain only at the time when I am longing for a walk?

Why don't clouds pour down and empty their heart when they are full of water, and rain would be comforting them?

Why urgency for pouring down goes away as soon as we are able to pen down?

Why should this post make sense to anyone who is reading this?



Balvinder Singh said...

Deep though whatever you have asked may be passed as mere philosophy but on a closer look, these are the bare realities of life. And how innocently you have asked them. No awnsers with any one, i suppose.

CY|\|O$|_|RE said...

these questions mean a lot......but can't be expressed......

bloody neel said...

you r ri8 at the last question... it does not make any sense to anyone....

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