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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Almost after 2 years and some 3 months I am going for a visit to place where I stayed at hostel for the first time. I was too scared at the name of hostel and all those stuff after class 12th; but Banasthali was like none of those scary things. The most special thing is the warmth shared by 2 persons, whether it be roommates or a hostellite and warden. What I have missed most about it is hostel life and the friends. We somehow had a sort of family with no bounds. Room appeared to be home.. When I came to Pune, I enjoyed every bit of it, the department, new batchmates, trips, freedom to be what you want, talk on phone; but could not have friends like those.

A chance to see all of them again. I hope I will make most out of these 4 days.. :)


Meera said...

Yes ,I can imagine Ur feeling. Only due to that special persons ,u can feel home @ hostel!!!!!
enjoy ur visit and again share it ok... :)

CY|\|O$|_|RE said...

i can't say much in this regard as i being inexperienced but i can understand and just try to feel hw one can miss the hstl life.....its just like family and sometimes it means u more than that.....

njoy as much as u can...have a gr8 time....all d bst

Konika Ghosh said...

It is somewhere well said "Life starts reviving ones you start living it again". I hope can bring you all shades of yesterday from lucky canteen to road roaming and all so more then this ...spending gud time together.

just waiting you to join us as soon possible.

Sid said...

enjoy the trip to nostalgia-land and don't forget to share the walk down the memory lane!

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