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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Music and Love

While at work as always I am feeling sleepy :-| So I thought why not lets play some music, as it always soothes me and help me focus more.. For a change after a long time I thought of going to folder of English songs. I think last they were in my playlist it was may be 1-2 years back, and for some may be 3-4 years. There are many reasons that they never got to pop into my playlist; one is I was little bored of them, second became little more devotional so genre changed, third started liking Indian classical music more and last reason which is most important is I think I outgrew those feelings.. I always feel the music, so feelings matter quite a lot. That young courtship age when you are always thinking of love, you just get addicted to these songs.. you are smiling listening to them. But as you enter the more practical aspects of that love, when the same love makes you face some bitter truths of life and also brings in new responsibilities, then these songs don't strike a chord of your heart.. Not that you are unhappy but the chords change..there are different tunes..which are more real, more meaningful, more sensible..

Whenever I used to come across some song with romantic lyrics, I used to immediately share it with my better half :D :P I even have made those videos you make in video maker of pictures, with some romantic songs playing in background. Now when I think of those days I can't resist giggling on how silly and cute we were.. I think some of those still knock my heart :P but its just that I find it little stupid to share them now.. 

Let me share few from my old playlist which are making me smile at this moment :)
- I wanna grow old with you - Adam Sandler
- Love story - Taylor Swift
- All or nothing - Theory of Deadman
- All you need is love - Beatles
- I'll meet you there - Owl City
- Vanilla Twilight - Owl City
- When you nothing at all - Ronan Keating
- Crazier - Taylor Swift
- Words - Boyzone
- Cloud number nine - Bryan Adams

I think the list is little long, but hope you have got fair idea of what I mean :D
Btw Sarabjeet shouldn't go unmentioned here, who introduced me to most of these songs.. He knew my choice so used to send me now and then.. 


Meghana said...


Akanksha said...

At first, got a bit of Deja Vu, even though I was sure I hadn't read this. But then realized the culprit: Your 'blog description' :)

CYNOSURE said...

Awesome yaar...I really surprised that these songs are still in the list.
The list is very much upgraded now, will update you with new ones when me meet next :)


Boybands and mushy 90s songs, hmmm those were the days. Haven't listened to these in a long time, much like remembering my own blog after ages and recollecting some fellow bloggers :)

Music, what will we become without it. Good to see you still blogging once in a while, keep it up :)

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