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Friday, October 9, 2015

Déjà vu

Its such a, I told you so kind off moment.

I had thought about it last week itself; that, may be again at the airport I will end up writing a blogpost, and the only good thing that can come out of a bad interview is a new addition to blog :D

Lots of similarities, yet so different.
-Family got together to celebrate and I ended up traveling, but I got to choose dates this time.
-Screwed up again, but not devastated, rather enjoyed.
-Failed but not offended.
-Reached early-tried preponing-didn’t work but I am chilled.
-Flight delayed but carrying back up to keep me entertained.

So overall I am happy this time, rather than frustrated.

That ways life is quite interesting. When some event is about to happen, we think of it, or at least I do.. Imagine how things will turn out, how will my reactions be, how will others in scenario look like, and so on.. To be precise a whole film of 2-3 possibilities plays in my mind, but always life does manage to unfold a very, new and fresh set of events..

That's called beauty of life..


Richa Chauhan said...

You have become cool now ;) ... kewl i mean :D

Richa Chauhan said...
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