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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

reasonable reasons

Sometimes reasons which others give us are not unreasonable; but somehow we are not able to link our logic to those reasons. And only resort to the situation is to stay happy and content with this reason at the back of mind that at least they are not being unreasonable.

Every product and package in the market comes with its own Terms and Conditions (remember seeing that T & C in smaller font, somewhere down, with that " * " ). So why not life as a package put T&C on its every product. So does every relation. After all they give us so much, then why can't they put some ifs and buts. They ought to; we owe that much.

But sometimes life, and in turn relations are so nice to us that we forget how it is actually working under some conditions. It just takes some time to accept the facts.

After that, LIFE is as smooth and beautiful as ever** and we again start loving it.

PS: These are my experiences and inferences; I would love to hear, if anyone reading these, feels like sharing  some diversions from my theory.

**T & C apply.  :D


CY|\|O$|_|RE said...

Its a matter of fact that how one interprets the products given by life as each and everyone of them actually do come with some T & C on them.....however nice thought to put forward.....nice post....:)

Akanksha said...

A good reason to bear many unreasonable actions of people around us... T & C to have a relationship with them

Amrit said...

yes...relations do have a T&C tag...they are not to be discussed but to stand by...

Richa said...

appears as if u r grateful to someone... keep enjoying..

arshat.chaudhary said...

Lovely post.. You made me think :)

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