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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

latest instance of RAM

Yeah.. here I am, giving latest and bit simpler instance of my RAM.

PS: It is advisable to at least get my interpretation of  RAM from linked post. At the same time it is not advisable  to read it complete, if you want to remain in state to read this one complete :D

So here it goes..

Well, Some months back, may be around 6... I don't remember exactly. We ended on some calculations, in particular covariances, some big matrix kind stuff. I invested a week or so in it. And it was not only in hand-written notes, but I also made the complete Latex document. And that document even went through some 2-3 revisions by MBR. But somehow, we had to drop that strategy at that moment and moved to some new line of action.

Now when 3 days back, we again decided to move to previous strategy. That meant we need those calculations. And in obvious manner he remarked, "We already have them". And this silly-idiot-stupid-me VERY confidently kept on pleading that "No, it hasn't been done yet", or "I don't remeber doing any such thing"... and what not. And today morning when I started re-doing the stuff, I realised... Ohhh!! looks like has been done some time. Is it Deja vu? 

Not delaying further, I accepted my RAM, retrieved the PDF file, and started working ahead :-/


Amrit said...

ha ha...
it happens...!!:)

Konika Ghosh said...

hehe.. rework!!

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