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Friday, October 29, 2010


sometimes why it is so messed up .. i mean everything around. Haven't been able to work even a pinch over my research problem, in this week. Sometimes its any other stupid discussion, at others it is something insightful on uniform convergence, or could be a seminar, tutorial, invigilation, sometimes irresistible internet re-search.. and what not. You name it and you will find it going on in our room (mine and AK's) at some or the other time point. I don't mean i am regretting any of these. But I am just wondering that where does the time flies.

Anyways, other than this, nothing much to update now. Felt little better after reading sometimes. Thanks bhai, for the perfect timing of your post.

PS: There is this another touching article, written to reflect the spirit of never let go your hopes (as I saw it). Do read, if you have few spare moments.


CY|\|O$|_|RE said...

i agree with you that time really sometimes appears to move so fast that we can't even able to catch it up.....take care....all the best

thanks for mentioning the my blog at your post....:)

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