Let your heart guide you......It whispers so listen closely

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

wobbling words

Its time for lunch, but I am little drowsy,
effect of idleness, or may be pattice

Just felt a sudden urge to write something,
but blogger at the moment didn't look working.

Leaped to my desk, thoughts need itinerary,
because this state of mind may not be stationary.

With new turns, life has got a beautiful tinge,
still need to take care of the delicate fringe.

As they say, every new step gives some responsibility,
to make us realize our own capability.

Still far away from accomplishment,
but now I know the requirements.

As I am in habit of getting screwed, at times I still get sad,
but now I lift up soon, so it never turns so bad.

Need to transform my lethargy and glee,
and everything else I hate about me.

Feel thankful, for so many goodies around,
who helped me search the meaning I found.

This is one of any of other weird times,
when i feel like scribbling these lines.

Though I mourn, still am going lame,
better to stop before I start the same :P


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