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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

nothing better

... happenings around, in chronological order >>>

> fear of surprise getting ruined by someone opening to mom-dad.

> indigestable shock of Rahul's death.

> successful celebration, for what we were waiting since long, ended in shortest ever visit at home (32 hours).

> came back with little bits of confusions, but soon understood that its real world, and we need to be strategic.

> read Chetan Bhagat's '2 States: The Story of My Marriage'.. before that i actually never liked so much his other 2 books; well... they were OK for me. But really liked this one.

> now i am upto '3 Mistakes of my life'; half done.

> disappointed. Plan for the evening was let down; its almost useless attaching hopes with anyone.

> to hell with everyone. I will try to enjoy on my own.

> not much happening at work. I am being too lethargic

<<< nothing better than this to write about...

PS: please don't make any sympathizing comments.


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