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Thursday, August 5, 2010

forms of Nostalgia

..few days back I received a sms,
Always being nostalgic robs you of the moments, of which you can be nostalgic about in future..

Somehow I liked it .. and accepted it as a not-so-bad strategy of living. But we all know life doesn't go by strategies. Often we are stuck in at few places and not ready to move ahead or accept the change. I don't know whether this is making sense, but today I felt this for something where someone could never imagine of attaching this concept..

For last few months I have been observing many (blogger) friends switching to very attractive templates. Many times I felt tempted to do the same. Finally an hour back I started browsing some of them with an intention to have a change. After going through some 50 of them i actually liked only 4 or 5. And when I started applying them, to have an idea how my blog will look like, it was worse. I liked none of them. I had problem with each one of them. Either the headline wasn't clearly visible or the text or font... whatever!!!

Finally I switched to my original template, and you know what I felt like, as if I have come back home, after a very long and tiring journey. It was so relaxing and soothing, that I never imagined.
I think there is nothing special about it.. except for nostalgia.

In words of Ruskin Bond
'Nostalgia: A simple attempt to try and preserve that which was good in the past. The past has served us, why not serve the past in this way.'


CY|\|O$|_|RE said...

haha....nice one.....ruskin bond's statement perfectly suited your case......

BTW.....i was the sufferer toooo......of the same template problem.....just wasted my time and applied the original one.....

Meghana said...

U don't need to 'decorate' ur blog as it itself is rich in the context..reflection of your thoughts is what makes ur blog great!!

nice post :p

Sid said...

been thru the same... and in fact, if I see your blog on a different template, even I'll feel like a strange place. Keep it like this - simple, serene, and of course, nice to read!!
happy blogging :)

Void said...

:D :D I am all smiles. Nice one..

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