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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Sometimes you don’t know you have crossed a line, until you are already on the other side. Off course by the end, it is too late.
-Feast of Love.

Let me share with you why I am reminded of these lines at this moment.

It often happens that a dear friend is upset and angry on some personal issues; and to feel little light and better they need a patient person to listen to them. Because they trust you, so they might share the whole story with you. But sometimes people like me, make the situation little worse for themselves as well as the friend who is concerned. Listening to their problems, we become so involved, that out of concern and care, start suggesting the solutions to the problems, so that the situation of dear friend is not so bad next time, and he/she is smiling henceforth.

But what we forget is, they just needed someone to listen and what they don't need is our suggestions. As for I can recall, I have done this more than once. Last time when it happened I myself realized and apologized to the person concerned and even she was so close to me that she never felt that I am overdoing with my suggestions. But last night it was far worse, when the person concerned has to stop me. It was actually too stupid on my part; forgetting my lines.

Each moment of our lives is a learning experience. It is on us how much we take from these moments. I think I have learned something for future, and hope to practice it too.


Sid said...

Welcome to the club :(

CY|\|O$|_|RE said...

truely said.......

madhuri said...

nice post! it happens sometimes!! Bade bade deshon me chhoti chhoti baatein......

Richa said...

It happens bt dere is often a role reversal..

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