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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Wish for Retake

I am not sure what was the reason...but that happened..
I know I am not very great at communicating, but atleast I am average. And if thats matter of facing a class of 50 then even that has been done successfully. I remember Microarray reasearch paper presentations, and those of project evaluations. I was complimented for explaining, in a way that even those understood the content who were not related to those topics. But yesterday, when people were specially suggested to attend to mine..then I spoiled everything.

It was the presentation of doctoral research proposal. I was ready. And Sir wanted few from MSc final years students to attend to that. I thought I would be able to explain the matter to them, and that won't create any problem. But I don't how at that moment I got nervous. It APPEARED that everything has started well off..but as I came to the 5th slide from the end, it was as if I am being moved from some dream. I was shocked that it wasn't more than 15 mins since I started and I am near end.
It was too late to realise, but I started moving slower. But it was in vain now.

Alls well that ends well...the queries by the referees were also almost answered..and my proposal is approved.
But later not only the juniors complained about not being able to understand anything, even Sir pointed out that I should have been slower.

Thats one moment I would like to have retake for.. I wish there could have been some mechanism of rewind..
But in real life we don't have one.


CY|\|O$|_|RE said...

sometimes such shocks come as a surprise....but they are important in our life....hope u perform better in the future....

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