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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ended in a Wordle.

So insane of me to write this..but the experiences in last few days force me to react in that manner. As usual I would be abstract, so theres a warning before you move ahead. This might end up as another "bina sar paer ki post".

Sometimes a feeling of care which is purely genuine and true within the heart of person might end up as a reason of distress to the person for whom it is shown.
There are situations when neither we could help ourselves nor the people who care for us. As in nothing is in our control.. Rather we have to keep sitting quitely, waiting for the next moment. In fact there is no use of guessing what is going to happen in the future. Any no. of possibilities we imagine, but what happends would be beyond imagination.
And such things create problem when the people around us out of care keep asking us different type of queries regarding the problem...and I don't have answers to them.
But there voices with so many question marks ringing around, force me to think about the solutions, which actually don't exist at the momnent. Why don't they realise that such care is not giving any comfort to me. Once my mind enters into such a thought process it does not agrees to come out of it, for hours. In the course out of the irritation I hurt them. And I don't intend to this. I am Sorry. I hope the one for whom this is will understand. I wish you are reading this.

Why to care about the large big fat problems, why don't we have small goals set in front of us to move ahead with life. This is what I learnt today when I just paid attention to Richa's Mantras on a Wordle..they were simple but superb..and would be great in this wait-and-watch-what-happens-next situation. I am sorry dear, if you don't like me putting them here, as they were your secrets.. Here they are as I see them..
> Dreams - Realise their power
> Break Bonds
> Time is Limited
> Everything in life will settle down, but time won't come back
> Love life
> Strive...Suffer
> Decide Priorities
> Potential in Infinite
> Live Fully
> Deathbed Mentality
> Commitment
> Perseverance
> Work Harder
> Step Forward Everyday



CY|\|O$|_|RE said...

I agree with you.....that sometimes its get over.......but most of the times we too needs to have a 2nd thought as they are also trying to do good 4 u.........njoy........

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