Let your heart guide you......It whispers so listen closely

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

what happened

What happened to those times, when I had breaks more often to speak of my worries, to share incidents which brought glitter to my eyes, when I was free with my complains about each single issue, when my stupidity made everyone laugh. What left is just chaos of voices all around me, which are doing the same what I used to.

There are these lone night walks now; when no one is ahead of me, no one is at the back, and what twinges most is that no one on my side; tired feet not ready to step ahead but mind not ready to stop and move back. Tears even have become unfriendly enough to refuse to come out when there is no place for them within.

I have yet to learn the ability of hiding the emotions, which keep on peeping, when they shouldn’t be. And everyone around doubts, but no one is left to dig out, and bring the smile with smudges still left on the cheeks.

This again is a pointless post, but as my headline says it is all about the moments which are holding me, and this is one such, although it is longer than a moment.

Why day by day my blog is becoming more and more like a mourning one.???
I wish sometime I will again have some stuff like those of LHLB or those cartoon sketches, reading what would bring smile and not this, what it is now.


Sid said...

If your heart wishes something strongly enough, the universe conspires to make that true. Perhaps you should wish more clearly and more strongly...

On a more realistic note, research is tiresome and demanding and so is life. But believe me, it's always upto oneself to decide how mush of one's time and life it deserves. Find time for life and it'll find you.

Best of luck and smiles :)

deep said...

.. :) thanku

CY|\|O$|_|RE said...

yaar such changes keep occuring in life and we have to get used to it......but right now just move on as u want and be as u r.....rest will be f9.......

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