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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I always thought, there is no fun in watching a serious movie for the 2nd or 3rd time. In my terms if one thinks to watch something again it should be like Chupke-Chupke, Gol Maal (ones by Hrishikesh Mukherjee, and not those new stupid ones), or Khosla ka Ghosla and Bheja Fry and Pyar ke side effects or if it comes to Hollywood, it could be She's the man or Alvin and Chipmunks. This is my definition of comedy, and I can watch them again and again and keep on laughing, in moments of boredom just catch a glimpse of few scenes and feel lighter. But gradually I realized I have watched them so many times that I wanted something different. So lately I have been revisiting many movies. I am simply amazed, wondering how entertaining they were despite of the fact they had serious issues. Sometimes I liked the tender treatment of the emotions, sometimes the energy of the characters, at others it was the life and its twists and turns which sounded so real or the people behind the scene made it sound real, and sometimes it is simply the LOVE ..my all time favorite topic :P ;) This is my revisited list.. Shawshank Redemption, Love actually, Letters to Juliet, Taare Zameen par, Dasvidaniya, A Wednesday. Watching these there was not a single skip-this- part feeling.

Pyramid Scheme.
Not everything so easy and fun when you revisit it. Sometimes it turns you into blues. For some reasons I have to reread my 4th semester project (something I did almost 2 years back). I thought it would be a pretty easy task. I had certain impression in my mind about so many things. But as in movies, when we watch them for 2nd time we realize that there are so many facts that we either missed them while watching for the first time or they totally slipped out of our mind in the mean while when it was kept aside. Same is here. I have started feeling that there are so many problems/loopholes in it which I am unable to understand now. Deep thought led me to certain justifications for these issues, which can not be actually justified :( :-/ We could have simply missed the details (we weren’t doing research back then, so didn’t have that researcher’s eye ;) you see).. or probably back then we had explanations for what we did, but since that part is not noted anywhere (to my knowledge) I am unable to locate what possibly they could be. I realized how clumsy and bad we were in report. The linkage between the literature and new theoretical work is too loose. It was possible to come up with project which was far better in terms of clarity and formulation. There was a nice paper which could have also been included (don’t know why we didn’t read it). I am surprised to realize how poor an M.Sc. student could be. I am even more surprised to see that our project topic had the possibility and scope of getting into advanced theories from stochastic.. like stopping times..


Akanksha said...

I totally agree with you on both the fronts... cinematic as well as academic.... Nice comparison

bloody neel said...

I agree. probably the topic was beyond the scope of our capacity and time bound at that time. i think this is the reason for all the loopholes.

deep said...

@Akankasha: Thank you :)

@bloody neel: Will soon get back to you over this on email.. i m sure u too will have a hard time ;)

Richa said...

I too agree with you ..like AK and experienced the former one few days back and going through the latter these days ...

PS: latter refers to my understanding of various M.Sc topics :( ..

Also, the post has come out articulately..
Keep going... :)

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