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Saturday, May 14, 2011

a gift

Many a times we are looking for a gift for someone, we are confused and then we end up taking suggestions from people around. Even I have done that so often. But today I realised that the most special gifts for special people in our life come straight from the heart. Because what our heart knows no one else could suggest. Next time you are on it, just ask your heart. Go for any cute perky thing that might make the special being feel more special.

Though that might appear a kuchh bhi stuff to others, and you might not be able to explain its significance, but the one for whom it is meant will be not only pleasantly surprised but will fall in love with you all over again..

PS: I am smiling looking at ..

tortsie's froggu


Meghana said...

lovely gift :-)

Srivats said...

lovely things to go on the table , name him something :)

deep said...

@Meghana: Thank you :)

@Srivats: Thank you :)
It has already got a name..its there in the caption.

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