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Friday, October 25, 2013

Happiness is..

There is this happy page on FB, which I follow, where you can define what Happiness is and they post a corresponding cute drawing for you.. Everyone has got different definition/criteria of being happy.. there are so many small small things which make us happy, which might be insignificant/trivial for others. That page always reminds me of this poem, which I came across a year ago, and is stuck on my desk since then..

Happiness is when
you find some rice
in the rice bin you thought was empty
and you know you’re all right for another month

Happiness is when
you’re reading along
aimlessly in a book
and come on someone exactly like yourself

Happiness is when
you’re sick of reading a book
and just then someone with a familiar voice
knocks at your gate

Happiness is when
you’ve got some passage
that is supposed to be so difficult
and all by yourself you figure out the meaning

Happiness is when
sunset finds you in some country temple or mountain village
and they say "Stay the night!"
and you do.

- Tachibana Akemi 

PS: Pardon me for too many poetic posts :P may be its a kind of loss of words :-|


CYNOSURE said...

Poems always depict: "less words, more meanings and thoughts"
so keep sharing... :)

Akanksha said...

One more gem indeed!!
Thanks for sharing such an elegant and endearing piece

Meghana said...

good one... liked the idea :)

Sid said...

Happiness is:
such blog-posts!
Keep writing :)

Gomzi said...

Beautiful lines... Define a lot in so few words...


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