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Monday, September 23, 2013

Amazon Story (contd.)

So the Amazon Story doesn't end here and here.

I do not know about Amazon.com but Amazon.in is really a good for nothing shopping portal. Last time they screwed our order and people told me that it is a rare case, and that they are new in India so they are growing and improving. I thought okay, may be!!! We trusted and placed another fresh order only to realize after 3 weeks (order was placed of 29th August) that something or the other went wrong with all the 3 items in that order. Here is a summary of what happened

1. Item No.1 was delivered in a week's time. It was a charger cable, for which not just the specifications but the title itself said that it is black in color. But what we received was white in color. We wrote to them. We got a call in a day or two, saying that please don't use it, we will collect it from you and your money will be refunded. I think replacing it with a black one would have been a better policy, instead of asking the customer (indirectly) to order from somewhere else after a delay of 10 days. Then why shouldn't we place the order somewhere else..

2. Item No. 2 was headphone. Its expected delivery date in order list was 2 - 6 September. But the item status never changed to anything else from Shipping Soon, till they removed it from the order list (will it come to it later). We wrote to them, since we were not allowed to file claim (even after the delivery date was gone). We were informed that we will soon be contacted by the seller, who never did so and finally we filed the claim. Now that headphone was quite urgently required. If the Amazon/seller couldn't provide us (forget about in time), shouldn't have we been informed a bit early. Why did they stay numb over it and waited for us to poke them.. 

3. Item No. 3 was a book. The expected dispatch date was 23rd September (which is today). And the email I received says that my order is cancelled due to insufficient inventory. Can someone tell me why does it take them so long (more than 3 weeks) to inform me that they don't have something for which they already taken the order. I don't know what system/technology they are using to communicate. If I was told earlier, by now, I could have bought it from somewhere else. After the things went wrong with first 2 orders, I was already uncertain about the third one. I really tried hard to maintain my confidence and waited patiently. After all they say Shop with confidence. But they proved themselves.

And that is not the end. Their system smoothly manages to delete all such orders from your account. So that you can never go back and check, when you ordered and what you ordered. No where in my order history I can locate these items.

The way our case was dealt last time, was in itself very frustrating.. and still we got back. Why in the world I should order with them again. They might improve but I think I will never come back to them. I am really irritated with the way things are dealt. And when such things happen twice in a period 3 months, its too much to digest. I think I am better off with flipkart.

PS (for regular readers) - This is not the way I wanted to come back after so long :-( But amazon has infuriated me to the core.


Richa said...

oh.. really irritating... :(
sometimes the second chance betrays our trust completely...!!

nyways, hope you are feeling relieved after writing this :P

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