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Thursday, February 14, 2013

News about "The Uncertain Affairs"

On last birthday of our dear blog we came up with a special poster. This year both of us were so tied up in things, that the birthday passed without any gifts/blasts/celebrations. Actually speaking we were busy collecting gifts whole year... I was wondering that there are many a things which we have added to the store recently.

FB page - Somewhere around September/October last year we got into Facebook. Going to FB was required to catch up with the masses. We are not just posting the events news but also the random news related to Statistical world, like those of Statisticians, Softwares, Resources etc. 

Classy poster for the Cover - On World Statistics Day, we came up with a sort of promotional cover photo for the FB page. It has got a nice classic and antique look. Take a glimpse.

New (sub) page - We always felt the lack of common space for news about Statistics related news. Once we entered FB, and were updating those small tit bits, other than events, the need was more concrete. Because everyone is not on FB. We tried subpages, but apparently multiple dynamic pages are not possible in blogger, and we had no plans of moving to Wordpress. We attempted Google+. Somehow I am personally not very comfortable with it, but that seemed to be the only option and need of the hour. The attempt failed miserably. It was a near-death experience for our blog. But we managed to survive. We were in no mood to touch Google+ again. But at the same time we are not the ones who can stop so easily. We again started struggling for adding dynamic pages to blogger. With the constraints and our typical choosy behaviour we could not come up with any feasible option. At last we came up with a new page, which wasn't although a subpage but we managed giving it a feel of that type.

Moving to personal domain - Having a domain was another thing which was in our mind since long. So we are now uncertainaffairs.com and the subpage is uncertainstuff.uncertainaffairs.com. Thanks to blogger (and in turn Google), that they are kind enough to allow people like us to host the blog from personal domain. And the best part is, our usual traffic on blogspot gets automatically redirected to the page. It is really appreciable.

I think the list ends here. So although the birthday went uneventful, the year didn't :)

I really wish that the journey will continue.. with more and more people helping and contributing and at the same time more and more getting the benefit.


Akanksha said...

You are absolutely right... The ear was pretty eventful, as our blogs got their own identities.

Nicely penned down :)

Richa said...

OMG.. I couldn't believe it was SECOND Birthday of your blog..I am really happy for it though :)..

Bt two years flew ... :O.. high time.. for me..

Happy birthday to your Dearie !!
May it achieve gr8er heights !!

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