Let your heart guide you......It whispers so listen closely

Monday, September 13, 2010

failed or lost

In work and fun, and in thoughts and pun
lost all the direction to run.

That little bird who has her wings,
but she is moving in rings.

Lost the strength to defend her moves,
it never happened back in the groove.

Strength to smile and skill to coordinate,
its all missing, the vigour looks lost.

There were no regrets before,
but why is she skeptic now.

Wondering whether she was right,
when she took her flight.

Paper and mind,
its working no where fine.

Even near the heart,
she cannot see a smile.

Has she already lost the battle,
or is it just a phase.

Looking for a candle to light the path,
a path, thats no more wrong.

A ray of hope
thats no more false.


Meghana said...

I am sure it is just a phase :)
keep fighting!! :p

Sid said...

why so serious kid?? PhD woes??
good luck :)

CY|\|O$|_|RE said...

just chill.......all d bst.......

Akanksha said...

Just a phase, to test your courage. U'll cum out with renewed vigour...and anyways, such phases may discourage a statistician in u, but they're needed 2 encourage a poet in u...Good work indeed...

Nik said...

"this too shall pass"

well written ...

Richa said...

She will find her way,
Today or some other day...
Coz I knw her belief in GOD,
He'll never leave her astray..

Richa said...

One more thing...
i liked the above lines v.much.

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